Cynthia & Torrent Wedding Photography by Santa Rosa wedding photographer



The bride getting ready with her bridesmaids at her home.



Bride's wedding accesories for the wedding day.


Her boughet is so beautiful. It matches the bridesmaids' dresses.



Bridesmaids having a good time before the wedding ceremony.

Photoshop editing by Santa Rosa wedding photographer, Andy


I didn't want to stop taking bridal party portrait for these beautiful ladies.

Here are the groomsmen . Are they cool or what ?

Hi Cynthia. I can't  wwwait to marry you today.


Groom first look at the bride


Beautiful Wedding ceremony at oakland CA

Photography credit by Andy Sandy Santa Rosa wedding photographer

Wedding portrait by Santa Rosa wedding photographer by Andy Sandy



The wedding's transportation was an awesome Limo - Hummer

I'm a married man

Look at the groomsmen jump

I couldn't think of a better lense to take this bridal party picture than a canon fisheye 15mm . The sky above matches the bridesmaids' dresses.

Chinese Tea ceremony for the bride's mom.

The bride and groom spent so many time and investiment to make her wedding reception as beautiful as it can be. It's my job as a photographer's job to preserve these images for them.




One of the groomsmen giving the toast at the wedding reception

Bride & groom go around table to mingles with the guest . Drink up everyone.

Bride and groom first dance at the wedding reception.


Let get the party going.


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